Is your VPN spying on you?

It is reported that the Onavo mobile VPN app (owned by Facebook) actually tracks your online activities and shares it with the social network company.

Virtual private networks (VPNs) exist to protect the user’s privacy online. They are supposed to provide a private, encrypted browsing experience, making you essentially invisible to any online trackers. VPNs do this by allowing the user to send their data to the internet via an encrypted tunnel to the VPN server where the data is then sent on behalf of the server’s IP address—hiding the user’s IP address, so nobody knows where they really are.

But news emerged this week that the Onavo VPN, owned by Facebook, does indeed know where you are, and it keeps and uses that knowledge for its own gain. Facebook’s software called Onavo Protect is its VPN service, and the system has been downloaded by 24 million users. Are you one of them?

What those 24 million users may not know is that once Onavo Protect is on their device, it is always quietly in the background tracking their movements, activities, and clicks. Reportedly, it is precisely this data collection that showed Facebook how often users engage in Snapchat and which aspects of Snapchat they use most frequently.

It is important that you can trust your VPN provider.  Avast SecureLine VPNdoes not track the user’s activity or save data regarding online behavior. In fact, we believe that kind of practice completely goes against what a VPN is meant to do. We believe your online experience should be not only free from malware threats, but completely private.

Here are 5 tips to protect your privacy online:

1.  Beware of open Wi-Fi hotspots, and always use a VPN in public places.
2. Turn on “Do not track” in browser privacy settings.
3. Avoid using browser plugins that can track your online activities.
4. Use private browsing mode when surfing the web.
5. Use an encrypted messaging app for sending online messages.

Of course, our strongest tip for you is always to browse safely by using Avast SecureLine VPN software for PC, Mac, Android and iOS phones.



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